Face Filters on Instagram Stories

Add augmented reality face filters on Instagram Stories

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This is such a cool and innovative idea, big congrats to the Instagram team for coming up with this. So weird that no one has ever thought of implementing anything like this before.
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@barteksoltys think messenger day had it first 😜
@nafetswirth Oh but of course you're right! I think my app must be bugged though cause it doesn't show anyone using it even though it must be so popular. Same with the version inside the standard Facebook app. So weird.
@barteksoltys You guys are so negative. These stories filters are part of bigger picture. (~killing snapchat)... :D
I πŸ’‘ N πŸ’‘ N πŸ’‘ O πŸ’‘ V πŸ’‘ A πŸ’‘ T πŸ’‘ I πŸ’‘ O πŸ’‘ N πŸ’‘
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@nivo0o0 Really, innovation? :D
@arunsathiya have you seen any company do this before? I have not. I 😜 N 😜 N 😜 O 😜 V 😜 A 😜 T 😜 I 😜 O 😜 N 😜
who put the snapchat logo on this one? This was a master move.
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All I wanted was a cure for cancer and a flying car! They gave me this!