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Arman Nobari reviewedFabulous for iOSReset your habits and rewire your brain
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Feels a little snake-oil'y / creepy

I appreciate what Fabulous is trying to do, and I think this direction is actually really interesting. However, bundling "you agree to our TOS by continuing" with the CTA for setting a wake-up time, or using weirdly-worded false choice options ("Yes I want to succeed" for enabling notifications) inherently makes me distrust the intentions and motivations of the app. It feels psychologically manipulative in an opaque way, whereas something like this should - in my opinion - edge towards transparency.

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Sami Ben Hassine
Sami Ben Hassine@samibh · The Fabulous
Arman, the end goal is helping people change their behavior and we have data that shows that enabling notification will help you achieve your goals, so we're using an idea from behavioral economics called Active Choice, where the positive choice is presented in a good light in order to encourage the person to do that. If your goal was to start exercising, and I use ideas from behavioral economics to help you with that, would that feel like manipulating? I won't call that a manipulation but rather a Nudge toward good behavior. A good example of that is putting water bottle in a visible space and hiding sodas in order to nudge more employers toward the positive choice for their health. Regarding TOS, we're just following the standard set up by other apps. It was the only place we could put it since we don't have a Register screen and it wouldn't be a good idea to put it in a screen by itself.