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Create a personalized will and learn how to make it legally binding in about 5 minutes.

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Good morning, Co-Founder of Fabric here. We’re excited to share our new product, Fabric Wills - a free online tool that walks you through the entire process of creating a will to help protect your family and their financial future. After learning that 3 in 5 US Adults don’t have a will, we considered the serious problems many families could be facing without one. If you don't have a will, a court may choose your child's guardian, and decide who receives your property and financial assets. Bottom line: without a will, things may not go as you would have liked. Today, the process of creating a will can be quite costly and time consuming. Many have the best intentions of making a will, but it consistently gets pushed to the bottom of their list! We knew that a better solution was possible, so we got to work on creating Fabric Wills. It’s personalized and, yes, completely free! 😀 From stepping you through naming guardians for your children and dividing your assets, to explaining how to make your will a legally binding document, we made the whole process quick and easy. Because it’s not a topic we talk about every day, we even give you some ways to start a conversation with those involved in your will. We’re on a mission to help bring financial security to 1 million families, and that means helping make sure families are taken care of no matter what. We hope this service is useful to yours! Here’s how Fabric Wills works: Block off about five minutes to create your will online. Fabric Wills walks you through a series of steps to create your personalized Fabric Will Kit. The Fabric Will Kit includes: * The Will. Designate guardians, beneficiaries, bequests, and executors. * The Checklist. Follow these steps to make your will a legally binding document. * Final Arrangements. Make sure those around you understand your wishes for your ceremony. * Messages. Start conversations with those who need to know about your will with these tips. If you need to update your will kit in the future, Fabric Wills allows you to do that for free. Give it a try – would love to hear any feedback!. Adam Fabric Co-Founder

The Fabric UX is elegant and easy to engage with. Keep up the good work.


Fabric seamlessly ported over my policy info, was easy to build on.


At end of process, should have prompt to print and sign, given that is next step in process; also nice if could able upload signed version.

I love that you guys are building something that helps people take care of this essential and usually skipped step in financial planning 👏 We have a will already, but I'm planning on sharing with others and getting their feedback. I do have two questions @adamerlebacher: - Will Fabric Wills be free forever? How free? Are you earning revenue other ways? - How did you guys land on the design aesthetic? This looks like a really awesome idea -- looking forward to seeing how it works for those I share it with and how it evolves.
@jeff_osborn Our plan is to keep the Fabric Wills product free forever. From a design perspective, our intention is to reduce complexity in service of making the intimidating easy and approachable. Many in the industry tend to lead with FUD and we try to do the opposite :)
@adamerlebacher Thanks for the reply. Best of luck!
@adamerlebacher Will this be legally binding in all jurisdictions? (Pardon the pun 😀)
Is an online will functionally equivalent to a physical one? Can it be challenged/disputed in court? Also curious to know.
@ravsydney @altern8tif Fabric Wills helps you fill in the blanks to complete your legal document but you need to print it out and make it official by following the signing steps. (This is where I need to remind that we are not a law firm, are not licensed to practice law in any jurisdiction and do not provide any legal advice. If you do need legal advice for your specific situation, you should consult with a licensed attorney and/or tax professional.)
I love the idea and would love to dig in more but nothing clicks on the website for me.. is it something on my end?