f.lux for iOS

Auto adjust your iOS display based on the time of day



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Ryan Hoover — Founder, Product Hunt
f.lux is a must-have app for Mac users. Awesome to see @herf build this for iOS, although it's unfortunately that it need to be side-loaded.
James Smith — Product, Culture Amp
@rrhoover I'd love for it to be available normally. One thing I also find is at night the backlight, even at the minimum setting, it still too bright. Would be great if you could override this
Andrew Yates — iOS Developer at Buffer
@smithjw @rrhoover I found this also and then came across an accessibility option to dim the screen further. I then set it up against the home button 3 tap shortcut so I can toggle the dimming at night. This post explains it well: http://www.techrepublic.com/arti... :)
Akshay Patel — Product Manager
@ay8s this just made my day!
Amol Sarva — Halo, Knotable, Knotel, Peek, Virgin Mob
@ay8s @rrhoover Settings --> General --> Accessibility --> Zoom --> Zoom Filter --> Low Light.
Ken Rossi — CardStack
@amol @rrhoover anyone have this? I had the tab open and I didn't download !!
Jonathan Howard — Cofounder, Emissary
@amol The problem with that is (a) so many steps (b) doesn't help with the gamma / blue light issue
Hugo Alves — Product Manager
Infinite clapping. Thank you for this. I'm a bit sad that Apple hasn't bought f.lux and made it a system level feature.
Wade Hammes — Front-end Dev, TrackMaven
@ugo_alves agreed!
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