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See where your users look

Eye tracking is expensive, difficult to do right, and takes a lot of time. Eyetato is trained on thousands of real eye tracking sessions, and can predict where a user is most likely to look at any design you throw at it.
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Co-founder, Big Kitty Labs

If you do a video, but audio on there. Explain the tech better, you're making an inference, inferring past data to your new composition and making a leap to say this wont track well because of x, thats not really eye tracking..


looks fast, powerful and robust, eyetracking predict before you've made it?


its not actually doing any eyetracking, its using a model of previously recorded eye tracking and comparing that to what youve made?

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It's a clever idea to test products before launch.


Heuristics win again! Sometimes stating the obvious is not as obvious until you see it.


No alternatives except for pricey real eye tracking. Still some bugs but can be adjusted so a great first try!

how on earth is it a 'con' that your other option is to spend a ton of money?

Needs work, but a very promising idea


The concept is great if you want to get fast feedback during design or when assessing existing live sites.


Crashes within a few seconds so product is quite unstable. When it ran for a little longer the heatmap was not generated.

CTO, Innovation Lover

Results seemed non intuitive to me, and when benchmarked with real-eye tracked use-cases I found online Eyetato result werent consistent.


Amazing Concept


Not mature yet. Will follow for updates and improvement of the Algorithm.