EyeEm 5.0 - Open Edit

Open Edit lets you explore & try others' photo edits

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I do product at EyeEm – Adding some details about what we shipped today. We're pretty excited about this release. We built Open Edit on top of our new editing tools to answer the curiosity people have about what makes a good photograph. Open Edit lets you see which filter and tools as well as how much of each effect was used on a photo. In a way, it's a bit as a mobile/modern version of the camera information that's included in EXIF data, with the sweet addition that we made that data actionable and let people try someone else's edit with just one tap. It helps make complex editing tools accessible, and is also pretty fun to use even if you already know what you're doing. All photos edited with EyeEm are saved with structured editing data and we've also standardized the effects to make Open Edit platform-agnostic. We launched Open Edit today along EyeEm 5.0. All iOS users can try other people's edits today, and the feature will come to Android shortly. You can checkout the first photos edited by a selection of talented photographers here (http://www.eyeem.com/a/10359833) and try their edits on your own photos.
@imatias this is such a simple, smart play. I remember using flickr early on and the EXIF data was always interesting to look at to see camera types, aperture, etc. Today, even with all of the filters we have people still wonder how pros edit their images and make them better... Would be awesome if there was some way to also pull the data in from complimentary camera apps like VSCO.
Love EyeEm. By far the best photo sharing app if you actually like great photos (unlike the share-anything community at Instagram).
Watching this feature being made was ridiculously fun. Would love to hear feedback here on what you'd like to see from Open Edit.
Really cool guys. Congrats on the release. Looking forward to checking it out. We've been wanting to explore a similar idea with our products at Pixite Apps. Allowing users to explore other works in depth provides an excellent education opportunity.