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#1 Product of the DayAugust 16, 2014
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So many real products here, start ups, etc' It feels weird to "compete" for attention with them, as Extensionizr is a weekend project for me :) Nevertheless people love using it, so I'll answer any questions you guys have.
@altryne What's the main benefit in using extensionizr over something like like yeoman generators? eg `yo chrome-extension` via https://github.com/yeoman/genera...
@andreasklinger hmm dunno, UI? ah! also the fact that you don't have to use yeoman, install anything, learn a new technology, using command line. All that stuff Just go to a website, check a few boxes, and click download. The website also has a help tooltip with a link for each setting to the chrome extensions documentation, so you know what you are selecting.
This will come in handy!