Extend for Salesforce

Extend Salesforce with Node 8

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Glenn BlockMaker@gblock · Sr. Director of Product, Extend
Hi everyone. I am one of the makers for Salesforce for Extend. We're excited to launch this new product! https://auth0.com/extend/salesforce We use Salesforce heavily at our company. Many of us would love to customize Salesforce but we're hard core node devs all the way and only a few of us know Apex. We build Extend for Salesforce so node devs everywhere can use their existing skills to create Salesforce triggers. Want to send notifications to Slack? No problem! You can use all the modules in the node registry and you can write it in Node 8. It's powered by Extend (https://auth0.com/extend), so there's nothing to deploy, just write the code and we handle the rest. Give it a try and check out our blog post: https://auth0.com/blog/extend-sa... We'd love to hear what you think!
Adam JohnsonHiring@adjohn1 · Co-founder and CEO, IOpipe
Extend is an awesome product, they are bringing an amazing amount of power to users of platforms like Salesforce! I can't wait to see what people build with this.
Glenn BlockMaker@gblock · Sr. Director of Product, Extend
@adjohn1 Thanks Adam!