Extend by Auth0

Let your customers write the rules


Extend is an embedded scripting environment for enabling customization and integration of your SaaS. Let customers add the capabilities they want directly to your SaaS such as custom rules or integrations.

It includes an embedded code editor for creating extensions via scripting and a runtime for executing them.

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Chris Andrew
Chris Whited
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  • Chris Andrew
    Chris AndrewStartup Tech & Strategy Consultant

    Great platform and great team.


    Perhaps not a con, but must be quite comfortable with the command-line interface to manage your environment.

    I use AWS and GCP and Extend/webtasks in my work. Of the three, webtasks are the most straightforward to create and deploy. I can spin up a webtask in half the time it takes to create an AWS Lambda function. It's easy to address security on the platform, as well as to use a hybrid approach between the Extend platform and other cloud providers. IMO, the greatest benefit is enabling your internal/external customers the ability to implement custom integrations without having to setup their own cloud environments.

    Chris Andrew has used this product for one year.
  • Chris Whited
    Chris WhitedSoftware Engineer III, Spring Venture Gr

    Great product. Great documentation. Easy to use and configure. Very fast and powerful.


    Initial setup between online editor and cli can be confusing

    I started using Auth0 extend as a prototyping framework to get API endpoints available as quick as I could. After writing a few of these, I started to expand on the framework with slack extensions. Auth0 extend is a powerful framework that is easy to setup, configure, and scale.

    Chris Whited has used this product for one year.
  • Pros: 

    Great team, awesome product, thorough docs, premium features, tons of npm support


    Javascript only; other FaaS offer many langs & environments

    I've built up mtgatracker.com 's entire API using webtask over the last few months. The goextend (née webtask) platform makes FaaS as easy as it should be; no mazes of complicated configuration, no worries about worst-case spikes or load balancing, etc. The team has been pretty responsive on slack whenever I've run into technical issues, and will sometimes even help come up with example or boilerplate code--truly A+ customer service!

    You can tell that the team really loves the product that they work on, and want you to also love it. (And they succeed at it!)

    Spencer Hawkins has used this product for one month.
  • Pros: 

    Very cool product. Addresses very real challenges in the world of enterprise software with an elegant solution.


    None yet.

    As a SaaS product manager, the challenge of meeting requirements from a multitude of customers spanning several verticals is daunting. Extend alleviates much of that pressure, shields core development from grinding out a hodgepodge of random enhancements, and empowers customers amplify the value of the solution. I love this idea.

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