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Ilyas Frenkel
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Ben and James discuss the Amazon Echo, Apple's cloudy future, Google's Missed Opportunity, and why Amazon has so much growth potential ahead of it. Links Ben Thompson: Why Uber Fights — Stratechery: stratechery.com/2014/uber-fights/ Ben Thompson: Amazon Echo Expands — Stratechery Daily Update: stratechery.com/2016/amazon-echo-…rosoft-and-slack/ Ben Thompson: The Amazon Echo — Stratechery Daily Update: stratechery.com/2014/daily-update…-echo-wirelurker/ Dustin Curtis: Amazon Has No Taste — Stratechery: dcurt.is/amazon-has-no-taste Ben Thompson: Stop Doubting the iPhone — Stratechery Daily Update: stratechery.com/2015/stop-doubtin…acintosh-company/ Ben Thompson: Android Where? — Stratechery: stratechery.com/2014/android/ Ben Thompson: Digital Hub 2.0 — Stratechery: stratechery.com/2014/digital-hub-2-0/ Ben Thompson: Amazon's Transformation and the Costco Model — Stratechery Daily Update: stratechery.com/2015/amazons-tran…mationand-threat/ Ben Thompson: Amazon the Logistics Company — Stratechery Daily Update: stratechery.com/2015/amazon-unvei…ogistics-company/ Ben Thompson: Losing My Amazon Religion — Stratechery Daily Update: stratechery.com/2014/losing-amazon-religion/ Hosts Ben Thompson, @benthompson: twitter.com/benthompson, Stratechery: stratechery.com James Allworth, @jamesallworth: twitter.com/jamesallworth, Harvard Business Review: hbr.org/search?term=James+All…sort=popularity_score
It's always interesting to hear @benthompson and @jamesallworth discuss like this. In this episode, Ben discusses what he believes is the difference between internet services development, and product development and why it might not bode well for Apple. I know he has spent time at Apple, and so did I, but interestingly enough our take on this is quite different. I just “replied” to him on Medium: https://medium.com/@cam_pj/apple...
Hey Ben please syndicate your podcast on Sticher. If it is, I can't seem to find it =/