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Recently we've added a section about local cuisine, to help travellers to explore local treats.

This is a cool idea @elen_storm! Thank you for making. What is your long-term plan / vision for this? Curious to hear about your inspiration in making it.
@jeff_osborn The long-term plan is to offer local businesses an opportunity to promote themselves. If they truly offer a unique experience, like authentic local food, they will get upvoted and appear first in the galleries. We've added business listings, paid and free. https://explore.best/business
I like the concept a lot, but believe it should extend the courtesy to copyright owners by at least showing a byline. I can see no indication of who uploaded the image or credit given. :(
@kmullett Hi Kevin, the majority of the initial photos were taken from personal archives or public domain galleries. When you upload your own photo, it will appear with your credit at the bottom of the page.