Exploratory Hero

Achieve meaningful goals with guided goal setting 🎯

Exploratory Hero provides a framework to set & achieve goals that matter to you with guided goal-setting & adaptable goal-pursuit
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Hey Product Hunters! James from Hero Labs here... 👋 We've created the Exploratory Hero app and would love to know what you think. Here's why it exists. Many people spend their time doing things that aren't meaningful to them - they feel they're not doing what they'd like to be doing 😞. That’s not ideal. Because there's almost always a way you could live more in line with what your values are and feel more fulfilled. This is a problem we're trying to help solve with Exploratory Hero, which provides guided goal-setting that begins with you identifying what kind of person you want to become and writing it down 💡. After this, you'll set practical goals that help you become that person and live a life that's meaningful to you 💪. How it works Step 1: Set your goals - Use our unique goal-setting process to set meaningful goals. Step 2: Create a free account - Save your goals to view them at any time. Step 3: Subscribe to pursue your goals - Choose a monthly or annual subscription to use the goal-pursuit framework. Step 4: Achieve your goals - Use our practical guiding framework to achieve your goals. Exploratory Hero's goal-setting process is 100% free, and this alone can be a useful thing to do! To use the goal-pursuit framework you’ll have to subscribe after you set your goals. Anyway, let us know what you think! I'm in New Zealand, so the time-zone difference may affect the promptness of my replies. But I will be around to answer as many questions as quickly as I can! Cheers, - James P.S. A potentially useful FYI: If you create an account but don't want to subscribe, after 3 days you'll automatically get an email telling you how to replicate the goal-pursuit process without using the app 😏. It takes a bit more effort but it can be done!
Thanks so much to everyone who has checked out the app so far. We appreciate your interest 😎. We've come up with a 50% off coupon code for anyone who wants to subscribe—available for the next 12 hours ⏳. It works for both a monthly subscription (for the first month) and for an annual subscription, so you can choose how much you'll save 😉. COUPON CODE: huntADiscount And if you have any feedback to share, positive or negative, we'd love to hear it. Thanks again! Cheers, - James
Hey, nice product. What are your plans on a mobile app?
@vinicius_roratto_carvalho Thanks! We're in the process of creating a progressive web app! Should be available pretty soon. We will announce it via email if you want to sign up to the email list :) https://herolabs.co.nz/