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Cool. Two thoughts: 1. Can't wait to see the templates. The thought of creating a video from scratch is a bit exhausting. 2. Potential alternative delivery of the current revenue model: instead of asking people to upgrade when they see a feature that requires a premium account, e.g., Text-to-Speech, allow anyone to use premium features and when they activate one of those features inform them that when they try to export they'll be asked to upgrade. Good because A) you get them to use the awesome feature which means they're probably more likely to buy since they'll have put their own time into it, and B) people won't feel like they're blocked from using what they feel are fundamental features to the product. UPDATE: Side note: big fan of the Disqus comments embedded on each video's permalink page. Natch.
@thetylerhayes Thanks! 1. We closed the templates a few months ago because we misdesigned the way people can remix them. They'll re open very soon! 2. Good point - we're currently testing the opposite as we closed the TTS feature to non-paying users just 2 weeks ago. Did you feel like the TTS was a crucial feature?
@tomolivier Yeah. Because I didn't quickly find another way to put voice over the video (and I don't want to record my own).
@thetylerhayes agreed on #2, you want to test drive the car before you buy it Also, the page needs a "how it works" section. I'm hesitant to sign up for anything before I understand that.
@guygal Hey, I like that metaphor! Did you also feel that the TTS feature was crucial to create your video? Definitely agree - thanks!
Great tool and great teem from @lecamping
So I just signed up and created this in about 20 minutes. Using it for a Facebook Video Ad campaign now. Love it, will definitely be creating more! https://explee.com/video/kuhcoon...
@torbahax Like it! We're also using it for pre-roll YouTube videos!
I like it, but it's not immediately obvious to me how transitions work. There were no templates to see a demo of how to properly make a project, which would have been helpful.
@therpgfanatic Agreed that it's not that clear how transitions works and that you have to keep some space between two animations. We already have redesigned the timeline: should be live in a few weeks.