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Complex topics explained for your level and background


Curated Content Crafted For Your Taste. Explain Me Please helps one understand complex topics such as Bitcoin, CRISPR, and Ethereum.

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  • Daksh Miglani16, Just another Full Stack Programmer.

    Explains about multiple Different Categories of People.


    It is more of a blog than a generic explanation site, weird ui, search is ugly, No Comment Box

    It is a blog then a generic Explanation / Information website, with ugly ui but explains topics for different kinds of people.

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  • Pros: 

    Excellent tool for understanding technical terminologies and concepts.


    Needs improvement on the UI.

    Great work Faateh!

    Usha Arun has used this product for one day.
  • Rishi G BhatnagarCurious and Exploring

    There is something for all levels of understanding


    Could be made more visual, scope of improvement in UI.

    I personally wanted to building this. This is a ridiculously important tool. I am glad Fateh has built this out.

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  • Syeda RoseAccountant

    It is very informative


    There is barely any cons

    Ur website helped me alot

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