Expert Republic

1-1 Video consultations with experts from any industry

Expert Republic is a mobile app where you can find experts from various industries, pay and book a video consultation with them. You can book a Personal coach, Mindfullness coach, Startup mentor, Counsellor, Language trainer, chef, and many more!
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Hey PH! 👋 We started this as a passion project during COVID-19 when our friends from consulting industries were going through a tough time to serve their customers. We named it Serw during our beta launch and tested it in Sri Lanka and Estonia. Now we're going out of beta 🚀 to the world! 1️⃣ If you're a customer: Sign up now and start using Expert Republic. You will get $5 FREE credits today to celebrate our PH launch! And I also have few services 🙌 (, where I share the little I know about startups and building businesses, which is free, so feel free to book me if you think it's useful. I'd love to talk :) If you want to suggest new categories or experts we should bring into the platform, let me know. 2️⃣ If you're an expert: We need you! Sign up and become an expert, We can't wait to help you grow your business! And did you know? We are completely free till the end of 2020. We will charge a small service fee after that to keep the platform running. If your category is not available, let me know. We are in the process of bringing in new categories and more experts like you. After all any service that can be done through a video can be on Expert Republic. We'd love to hear what you think about the app, Let us know!
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@_alagan Congratulations for Expert Republic. Looks interesting. Do you also plan to give ratings to the experts based on feedback from the customers?
@rahulvats Thanks! Yes. Customers get to rate the experts on a scale of 1 star - 5 star at the end of the consultation and the review is shown under the service for future customers. Experts will also have an average rating in their profile which is calculated from all the consultations they've done so far. Let me know if you have any other questions. Cheers!
@_alagan I am looking forward to connecting
@_alagan Amazing project. Just signup to help people interested on building digital products and are in need of advise on UX. We need a category for that too! :)
@davia_gorman Thanks for booking a call with me. Loved the discussion. Can't wait to see how you grow your business on Expert Republic!
Looks like a solid platform to get quick advice. Are users to able to sign up for consultation packages from experts for monthly calls against a discount? E.g. Can I book a 1 month coaching and consulting package instead of signing up for individual 1 hour calls?
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@adamsschultz Thanks for the comment. That's one of the most requested features and we are working on it. For now, we only have the option to book individual sessions. Stay tuned and we'll keep you posted about when the package feature drops!
Great idea and really sleek design on the interface. Do you guys offer subscriptions plans or do users pay per call?
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@micic Thanks! Subscriptions are on the way. We will be releasing it soon. For now, you will have to book individual sessions. Stay in touch to hear from us when we release subscriptions!
It’s a great app with unbelievable upside for teachers & students . Having access to the best & learning from them is nothing short of a genius by the Expert Republic team. Well done
@garwin_murray Thank you for being an early expert during our beta and we're glad you're enjoying the app. It feels amazing to see great inspirational leaders like you doing consultations on Expert Republic!
Congrats to the team! I like the idea of having 1 platform to get advice from various niche experts. How does the pricing work?
@ejohn Experts can set their own price. We aren't gonna charge any service fee till the end of 2020. After that it will be a percentage fee on the booking revenue to keep our services running.