Expensive network

Chat in which you should pay for everything

Expensive network is realtime chat where you should pay for each symbol in your message. Also, you can upgrade your message adding another color and background color or change font size. Top liked messages are on left side, so if you want to see your message there, just 💖. More you like, more probability to be in TOP ;))
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Hello, world!🖖 Thanks for inspiring @marckohlbrugge Today we are launch one more chat in which you pay for every symbol. After analyzing chat made by @marckohlbrugge I find that about 90% chat users just want to advertise something, another just chatting. So we decided to let users stand out. And we created http://expensive.network chat in which you still pay one penny for each symbol, but added some message upgrades, likes for messages and top by likes. If you want what would your message was always in sight just, 💖 it as many times as you like. Happy chatting🤑
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Love the product!
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Nothing new but a clone!


There is nothing good in cheap clones


I hate that it's just a copy of Marc's idea.

In some cases U’re right, concept not ours, in description it was written that it’s Marc’s idea, so we analized that in his chat most common messages are ads and U can’t promote them. So we decided to test how it works when U have ability to promote your messages with likes.