The easiest way to tell your MP to exit the Brexit madness

ExitBrexit is the easiest and quickest way to try and exit the Brexit madness. 🇪🇺

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Hey Hunters, If you're in the UK you'll understand, but if you're not, the UK is an absolute mess with our political representatives unable to provide any security to the country over the UK's withdrawal from the EU. We felt the pain acutely - we wanted a way to tell our elected representatives that we were sick of it. Unfortunately, contacting your MP can be a laborious task so we automated it by finding your MP, boiler plating an email and opening it directly in your mail app ready to send. There is an important vote happening on the Tuesday the 11th of December that will determine the future of the UK. We hope that by people using this tool we are able to leverage a little bit of power. This isn't to stir a remain/leave political debate. Those arguments are well worn. It's obvious though that the current mess isn't wanted by either side of the political debate.
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Very concise and easy to send a letter. Love a strongly worded letter 😆
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Extremely cool, thanks for making this @grantmac_!
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