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Fun finance & budgeting!

Exeq is in app to help you better understand your spending. Exeq links to your bank account and shows you your spending in the Exeq Feed™️. See where you’re spending and set goals weekly to make checking your bank account way less stressful. Download Exeq for free in the App Store.


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Derek Brown
Derek BrownMaker@derekbrown
Hey everyone! I'm Derek, CEO of Exeq, and we're excited to share what we've been building! Finally, there's a fun finance app. Here's what's different from other apps you've seen: - We have a feed for your spending. No more spreadsheets. - React to places alongside your friends. Don't share your spending...just your reactions. - See your spending numbers at a glance. We have way more coming. Check out our public roadmap here: https://trello.com/b/dnMFDwyg/wh... and feel free to comment. As always, I'd be glad to answer any questions here as well!