Excel Add-in for Text Analysis

Access NLP APIs from the comfort of your spreadsheets

ParallelDots Excel Add-in brings the state-of-the-art Natural Language Processing capabilities to your spreadsheet analysis without the need to write code. It gives you access to all the Text Analytics APIs provided by ParallelDots. This add-in lets you analyze any unstructured content like tweets, amazon reviews, open-ended feedback, etc.

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5 Reviews5.0/5
Having used Parallel Dots API for a really long time, I believe the excel add-in was well due. I have been using the add-in for a couple of weeks and it makes analyzing our customers' reviews and social media mentions/comment a breeze. Even though I have only been using this for a short time but the data points have suggested us some unique insights into our content marketing strategy.
Hey Product Hunt! I'm very excited to share our Excel Add-in with the PH community. We built this add-in for the Data and Business Analysts peeps who were founding it increasingly difficult to work with APIs but were the real owners of executing text analytics projects in their organizations. The add-in can be installed and set up within minutes and requires an API key for activation. You can use it to analyze all types of unstructured content, and the most popular use-case is to correlate your analyzed data, i.e., sentiment, keywords, and intent with your internal business metrics such as marketing spends, sales data, etc. to find actionable insights. List of all available functions in the add-in is available on our documentation page. We have a very generous free tier plan for our APIs which means you can use our Excel add-in for free to execute small projects. We'd love to hear your feedback and I'm happy to answer your questions!