Cold storage for anything that reminds you of your ex

Put anything that reminds you of your ex into cold storage before cuffing season arrives.

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Lol, creative marketing.
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This is just so on the nose haha.


As a minimalist, this is great. My apartment is tiny, and I don't need to use what little space I have being reminded of past relationships.


I wish there was another service that could get my ex to give me back my hoodie without me having to face them directly haha

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Your 'Cons' brings back a bitter sad memory.

This tool is so funny...I can't get over it.





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Hey Product Hunters 👋 The team here at MakeSpace is super excited to share this new service we built for anyone dealing with a breakup. It’s pretty simple - no breakup is 100% clean, so we created ExBox to help you put any bad memories of your ex into cold storage. Just visit the site, set up your order, and we’ll get you a box to load all that stuff in so we can put it in storage for a few months (or as long as you want to be honest). I’ll be here all day to answer questions, listen to your feedback, or just dish out relationship advice too 🙏
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I think I'm also going to use this to get rid of things from a past job that I'd rather not remember :)
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