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Search your classic car dream to renovate

If you have ever dream about renovating a classic car then you will need a website like this one.
Here you will find (the V0 of) a database with every classic cars produced on earth in order to discover, compare, and understand which model to select.
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Hi Producthunters 😺 First launch on Producthunt for me, I wanted to share with you this website I'm designing as a side project which will hopefully help you select your next classic car to renovate. The story began 18 months ago, while I was browsing Instagram, watching incredible cars, and dreaming about owning one to renovate. In order for me to jump into that dream, I began to browse several specialized website but didn't feel confortable : most of these sites were not easy to use because of pretty bad user interfaces. So I began to group a couple of datas and created this website. Today on this website, when you type in the search bar or simple go from page to page, you are now able to discover hundreds of cars : it's quite inspiring. My final goal is to help you determine wether you should choose to renovate your uncle Alpine A110 or choose to buy a CG 1300 : the bill won't be the same, pieces could be easier to find, but still these two cars are visually looking quite similar. I wanted to share that first try with you, in order to receive all your feedbacks. This website is far away from being complete: I'm missing a lot of informations, pictures and even cars models. Do not hesitate to drop me a line, and I will add the missing informations πŸ˜‰ All the best, Piem
This is like an endless loop of browsing for a car enthusiast. Great job love the UI
@gauthamzzz Isn't it? You can't imagine how many hours I have spent discovering all these cars!