Every Plant, Ever

The iMessage sticker pack of every plant, ever

Claire Dierksen has been working for 2 years on a standardized set of plant illustrations for every known plant with no plans to stop. At 250 stickers and counting you can finally communicate via 59 peppers, 15 mushrooms, 29 herbs, 60 fruits, and 90 veggies.
Martins Bratuskins
Amanda Pinsker
Pim Coumans
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    LatinLuverguy that is interested in people

    It’s art and the expression of nature


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Chris Messina
Chris MessinaHunter@chrismessina · Product designer & entrepreneur
Talk about having a healthy side hustle! 🥦
Ryan McLeod
Ryan McLeodMaker@warpling · ⬛️📲 WhatIsBlackbox.com
@chrismessina Thanks Chris!! These stickers originally started out as icons for FarmBot.io (a farming robot) and its sister project OpenFarm.cc (an open source catalog of how to grow anything) but when I saw how perfect they would be as a sticker pack I took some time off from @blackboxpuzzles to mess around. The project morphed and grew into what it is today: a comprehensive, styled, haptic filled, accessible, dynamic type supporting showcase of all the plants with more to come from Claire. Nearly 100 stickers are free with the rest being paid in little Seed Packet Packs with all profits going to Claire. Give it a try and consider chipping in or leaving a review of your favorites or any you find missing! I guarantee you'll learn something new whether it's the bizarre Lions Mane mushroom or the very phallic and real Peter Pepper (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pe...). 🌶
Juan Buis
Juan Buis@juanbuis · internet words
I need to eat more plants and now I've finally got the perfect sticker pack to remind me about it!
Ryan McLeod
Ryan McLeodMaker@warpling · ⬛️📲 WhatIsBlackbox.com
@juanbuis Borage will keep you happy and turmeric will keep you chill 😎 Not sure I'd recommend eating hemp though.
Phillip@pakhzar · Founder @ Arka
Can we have a different default photo outside the artichoke plz. Nice job, Claire, these illustrations are super beautiful!
Mansi Abnave
Mansi Abnave@mansi_abnave
very healthy,hahaha great!
Dan Dan
Dan Dan@tostartafire · Web Dev.
Looks amazing, and what a challenge. I wish the website would show more examples before download. It's a bit odd that ProductHunt has more information than the website itself.
Ryan McLeod
Ryan McLeodMaker@warpling · ⬛️📲 WhatIsBlackbox.com
@tostartafire Hey Dan, totally understand—you should check the source code ;) The App Store is really meant to the the source of truth on this one; the website was kind of a hold over from our very scrappy friends beta.