Turn your story into a 3D animated movie featuring celebs

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I'm the founder & CEO of Evertoon. I have been obsessed with 3D graphics, moviemaking, and animation for a decade. My mission is to make it possible for anyone to make movies. Right now, the online video industry is growing explosively, but most user-generated content is still a person talking straight into the camera. We don't go to the movie theater to see Brad Pitt talk directly into the camera for two hours. We expect a story between characters with dialogue. I created Evertoon to allow people to make these movies, without having to deal with lights, traveling on-location, and actors. I would love to get feedback, and have people try out the app! What do you like? What do you think could be improved?? I'll be on Product Hunt all day, responding to comments. Here's an Evertoon video we made just for you guys: "Steve Jobs posts on Product Hunt":
@niniane Congrats on the launch! Do you see people using this primarily for fun, or is it getting used also for marketing and such? I'd love to try it for the latter, my company tried creating some whiteboarded stories for engaging our user base that were not too expensive to have made on Fiverr, but this seems both a lot cooler and also free.
@joisig We see it getting used for both fun & marketing! Whiteboard explainer videos are usually $1000 per minute of video, and most small businesses don't even bother coming up with a video because it's so expensive. This way, they can make one themselves!
So cool to see this live! I'm excited to see what the PH community does with this. @niniane what are some of the most unique videos you've seen beta testers make? What's something surprising you've learned in the process of making Evertoon?
@staringispolite I'm also excited to see what the PH community does. It's been interesting seeing beta testers riff on current events, and make fun of topics like sports figures pimping their endorsements, or the oscars race issue: - Manning Machine (about the Superbowl): https://youtu.be/Ho95JeyG_5Y - Oscars After-Party (parody of Leonardo Dicaprio): https://youtu.be/YRRDTxdw7Gs Some things I learned while making Evertoon: - It took a while to get an avatar looking acceptable with a photo face and a cartoon body. For a long time, people told me it was going to be technically infeasible! - A lot of times, people are using the app alongside their friends in real-life, because there are multiple people's voices for the characters. I had expected it to be more solitary so that was interesting. - Eye color is surprisingly important in making the avatar resemble the person.
@niniane so that got weird
Evertoon lets users turn stories into 3D animated movies. Users put photographs onto avatars' faces and the backdrop, and record dialogue. Beta users have made movies parodying Trump, Oscars, and Harry Potter. Here's an Evertoon movie especially for the PH community: "Steve Jobs posts on Product Hunt":
This seems like Bitmoji on steroids! @jacqvon I can't wait for you to start using this and sending them to me :)
@bentossell @jacqvon I'm curious whether you'd like this for sending 1:1 or for posting in a wider group (facebook or youtube)?
@niniane @jacqvon sending one on one for sure! Like you could have a list of your favourite/most used clips - instead of emojis - and you could send them to each other :)
@bentossell @niniane @jacqvon Oooh that's an interesting idea! Like reaction gifs but exactly the way you want them
Nice work @niniane and team! Happy to see Evertoon on Product Hunt today. The Peyton Manning video on your site is hilarious!
@lylemckeany Thanks! We like that Manning video too! It's creative.
Interesting Product. Any way to get rid of watermark ?