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I was a huge fan of both of these products and instead made the switch to Apple Notes. Both are solid apps and I wouldn't judge anyone for using either.
Thanks @chadfowler! We're super excited on the OneNote team to launch this Evernote to OneNote Importer for Mac. Fun fact: since we launched our Windows version of the importer, we've had over 71 million Evernote notes imported to OneNote. Given that demand, we went ahead and built a Mac version :) We recently (about a month ago) launched inking on our Mac app (https://blogs.office.com/2016/07...), and ink is one of the core differentiators we believe OneNote has over other note taking apps in the market (FYI, I lead all our ink innovations at OneNote). If folks have any questions, I'm all ears! Happy importing! :)
I still don't like the OneNote interface, but I may give it another try. Hard to give up the evernote…
@chrischinch Super curious to learn what about the interface you don't like. Let's chat! 😎
@ianmikutel Sorry, only just found this notification… Will take another try.
@ianmikutel OK, so with Evernote I can add shortcuts to tags and notebooks and notes, how do I do that with OneNote? I can't fathom how to use tags at all actually, and the whole not showing all your notebooks thing is also odd. I find the note creation features better, but the note organisation features are very lacking.