Events App

A simple concise app for creating and sharing events.

EventsApp is a simple to use product that allows users to create and share events in a few clicks. The tool is completely free and integrates with users calendars to save shared events. Users dont need to sign up to create and share events.
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It's a great replacement/alternative for events on Facebook which many people are moving away from now.



Hi guys! Have you ever had the nightmare of trying to organise an event with your friend in a group chat and the details just get lost in that thread of messages? Well we built this app to try and counter that. Pop your finalised details of your birthday, party, dinner dates (whatever it might be) straight into eventsapp and then share that page with your friends. Easy
Let us know what you find tough an difficult when trying to plan things. We’d love to hear how we could help you
Looks great! Any plans on integrating payments into event ticketing?
Hey @lachlankirkwood! That’s definitely possible. Would you be interested in having a chat about what kind of things you’d be looking for in a platform like this? Happy to throw you an amazon gift card as a thanks!
@perry_steward Always happy to give feedback at any time, just shoot me a DM 👍