Personalized gift boxes for your remote team delivered monthly, quarterly, or half-yearly. 1-click set up. Free shipping. Branded boxes and custom handwritten notes included.
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Thank you @kevin. Hello PH community! Really excited about launching this πŸ˜€ We realized that due to COVID-19 a lot of clients were facing disruption at their workplace. For example, simple things like free coffee, snacks, tea are no longer available. And the logistics for everything has suddenly become more complicated. You can no longer give swags to employees at their desks, and you don't have everyone's home address to get things delivered. Even if you have the idea about what you wish to send to your employees, the challenge is to personalize the gift to match their tastes. Sending a light roast coffee bag to someone who doesn't have the apparatus or sending peanuts to someone who is allergic to them is worse than not sending anything. In an office setting, there is everything in the pantry, and people can get what they want, but how do you deal with it when employees are working remotely? We realized that we are in a unique position to solve all these problems. And with our unique personalization tech, we can not only collect tastes, preferences, allergies but also the delivery address, birthday, and swag size. This product solves another problem which is to automatically send these gift boxes on a regular basis. That way your employees can keep getting amazing snacks and pantry items of choice along with some cool WFH gadgets at a regular frequency without you getting worried about it. Some of our 750+ customers were already using Eva for similar use cases but we thought of launching this as a separate product because a lot more of you want this now more than ever. Let us know if you have any questions or feedback.
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Asking someone what they want can be a tricky question. Instead, I love how Eva removes that psychological friction by making it really easy to send a thoughtful, personalized gift. Recipients have shared with me how much they enjoyed the experience of answering a few simple questions and receiving a box full of unique goodies, often with a custom hand-written note. Thanks, Eva team and congrats on the PH launch!
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@minney_cat Thank you Minn for all the support :)
My team loves this. Our customers do too.
@jeff_becker thanks πŸ™
We’ve had a great experience on both ends (gifting and receiving). Great to see this new launch!
Looks great, I thinks this is need of the hour to innovate and keep team members engaged!
@himani_k_p_chopra thank you πŸ™