Send ether to anyone simply by phone number

Eth2Phone offers a solution that allows users to send Ether to anyone through a phone number. After clicking a link from a confirmation text message, the receiver will be automatically guided through a series of simple steps to collect transferred funds.

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Hi ProductHunters, Here at Eth2Phone, we made it our mission to help people new to crypto. We came up with the solution that would allow blockchain to grow beyond its current user base. We created a product enticing enough to challenge users to learn more about blockchain and keep them motivated throughout the process. Since phone number is wildly considered a universal ID, owned by almost everyone on the planet and easier to remember than a hexadecimal Ethereum address, it became a foundation for our technology. At Eth2Phone, we are looking to help with the following: — Crypto on-boarding. We want to give a person a taste of crypto world and motivate them to study it more on their own. — Crypto P2P Communications. We strive to enable users to receive crypto assets even without having a typical ETH address. — Crypto Rigidity Problems. Our solution will help to make transfer process more fluid by giving users an option to revert the transaction. Feel free to ask any questions
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@artyom_ignatyev I like how this makes crypto more accessible to non-techies 👍
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@abadesi yeah, we want to bring more people to Crypto :)
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Our team has been working hard past few months and today we’re excited to share with you our new venture — Volcà, a better Airdrops and Referral Programs for onboarding non-crypto users. Claim demo tokens via link →
This is the first dapp I am actually going to make other people use. You found a perfect balance between decentralization and UX. There is one thing I would like to see improved, and that is the receivers end. I would suggest a specific wallet for every OS. Chrome => metamask, Android => toshi, iOS => trust for example. Showing the user just one suggestion makes the whole process a lot easier. Help people understand why they need to create a wallet and save their keys, this is the biggest mistake in crypto. Or find a way to do something with the Eth without creating a wallet. Awesome dapp guys, I am impressed. Make sure you focusing on bring new people in and find a way to monetize it. Good luck.
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@kaibakker that’s the way it works right now. Chrome => MetaMask iOS/Android => Trust Wallet (the only mobile wallet with deep linking/deferred deep linking support) We worked closely to support deferred deep linking technology to make seamless experience for the users on mobile. I personally found that if you receive any free money you have full incentive to complete creating a wallet process without any issues.
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@kaibakker Thank you so much for your feedback. We already plan to introduce such a solution in the near future :)
@kaibakker @artyom_ignatyev Could you share whether/how you have organized the legal and contractual aspects of your deep-linking-integration? 🙏
Wow, awesome product! I like the idea of this and looking forward to seeing where it goes! 🙂
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@vova_alekseev hey, thanks! Stay tune =)

this is not block chain


easy to use


This is a centralized phone number to address link system. So easy to be hacked.

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Hi, Peng! It is true that it is not a fully decentralized application, but we've been working on the decentralization vs UX trade-off, trying to make product easy to use and safe enough. Despite the fact that centralized server is used for phone verification and keystore transferring, never Eth2Phone server has control over Ether locked in the Escrow Smart Contract. Which means that in the worst case scenario — if our server is compromised, the transaction will simply fail and Ether will remain on the Escrow. To receive Ether back, sender will be able to cancel the transfer with a call to the Escrow Smart Contract. Please feel free to check the Medium article attached for more tech details.
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Hola buenas noche Soy sordo marruecos tetouan Todos saludo
@jabir_laasri hola, gracias por tu atención