Eth Hole is a curated jobs board just for developers who want to work with Ethereum. We also provide a list of resources & practice challenges for beginners to start their journey towards being an Ethereum developer, without overwhelming.
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2 Reviews5.0/5
Great for devs looking to learn more about Ethereum. Want an easy way to get into Ethereum?This is a great place to go.
Wow, this is a first of it's kind, really great for connecting with skilled, like-minded individuals interested in implementing Ethereum! Great for both developers (learn & find jobs) as well as businesses (find great, under-the-radar talent).
When I was learning the programming language of solidity and starting my journey towards being an Ethereum developer I struggled getting past "hello world" and basic intro tutorials. There was so much noise and I wasn't sure what the next steps were, it took a lot of effort to figure out what resources I needed to get to the next step, and which were too advanced and should be tackled after I understood more. Later when I was looking for jobs in the space I found a ton of low quality get-rich-quick projects looking for Solidity devs cluttering job posts on reddit, community forums, and every place anyone can post jobs. So I decided to create an extremely curated job list with only the best companies and projects. In order to stand out and offer value to users I also included a list of learning resources that were most helpful for me when I was getting started. Sincerely hoping someone finds this helpful.