Eternity Wall

Messages lasting forever



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Riccardo Casatta
Riccardo CasattaMaker@rcasatta · Builder of Eternity Wall
Messages written on the wall are embedded in the blockchain, the public registry underneath bitcoin. There are over 5 thousands copies of this ledger all around the world and soon it will also be in space. Even if the site goes down or disappears, your message is guaranteed to persist for generations to come.
Jamie Akers
Jamie Akers@jamiequackers · QA Engineer and Geek, Hitachi
Really like this idea and with a simple straight-forward implementation too. Great job!
Riccardo Casatta
Riccardo CasattaMaker@rcasatta · Builder of Eternity Wall
@jamiequackers Thank you!
Francesco Nacchia
Francesco Nacchia@frenkbit · CEO, - Blockchain Lover
This app is really brilliant! It will shoo away twitter because its messages are eternal, uncensorable, independent, timestamp and signed. You can declare your love with or without your name so your partner will remember it for the eternity. Or you can write who will win the next election; you can prove it: messages are timestamped. Or you can freely express all your thoughts; no government will be able to delete it. In short, you can feel free to express all your ideas. Good job! :-)
Alice Thwaite
Alice Thwaite@alicelthwaite · Founder, Hattusia & Echo Chamber Club
I started to write something and then stopped myself. A message being there 'for eternity' makes me feel a bit like I'm etching 'Alice woz ere' on the Great Pyramid. Nice concept - but there is something about it which jars.
Merkur Hoxha
Merkur Hoxha@metsson · metsson
Damn! I coded together something similar that never made it 😜