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Interesting insights into the redesign thought process: One eye-opening stat from the post: "61% of January’s 94 million users were mobile only… meaning that roughly 57 million fans only interacted with our products on a mobile device"
Going to use this as an opportunity to remind ALL site owners that if you're website isn't mobile friendly by April 21st, Google will be releasing an update that will likely lower your organic rankings. Test to see if your site passes here:
so glad this wasn't an April Fool's joke!
Homepage is now an infinite stream of stories. Same stream appears on the left hand side of stories. Clearly this is so native ads can be inserted natively in stream. It's also now responsive and the stream carries stories not just from ESPN, but all from sister sites Grantland and FiveThirtyEight. Much easier to manage one code base that aggregates all stories regardless of where they originated.
Looks fantastic. I'm on the site daily and this is a smart way to integrate all of the properties.