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Marco Gurnari
@marcogurnari · Italian Maker
I love travel and i Love Esplorio ... there is also an android app?
Tim Fernando
@timfernando · CEO, Esplorio
@marcogurnari soon Marco... soon I hope! :-) We're a small team so we're working to refine as much as we can before we move onto another platform.
Essa Saulat
@essasaulat · Cofounder at Esplorio
Hey @marcogurnari, Really happy to hear that you like what we are building! While we don't yet have an android app, we do have a web version of Esplorio you can try :D The website basically lets you import social media content to create trips like the trip below: One of our awesome user's Mongol Rally trip: (entirely made using social media) Would you happen to have any past trips/vacations recorded on either foursquare, instagram, Facebook or twitter? If so, you may be able to make trips retroactively :)