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Leanne Beesley
@leanne_beesley · co-founder at
Woop excited to see Esplorio on here! Been waiting for this to launch since getting a sneak peek at the Beta version. Great for travelling - especially long distance travels like across South East Asia and South America, etc.
Essa Saulat
@essasaulat · Cofounder at Esplorio
Hey @leannebeesley ! I'm Essa, one of the co-founders of Esplorio :D Thanks for the positive feedback! Since you mentioned recording trips, just wanted to share a few trips the team took to give you an idea what trips recorded with the current app look like: *A team road trip from Oxford to Lake Como to work on the first version of the app * The team headed for TechCrunch Disrupt SF (2015) using the Coast Starlight Express as an office :D (from San Francisco to Los Angeles) : As you can see we've made quite a few improvements to the tracking since the beta :D Let me know what you think!