From ideas to actual performance, making sure everything recorded, prioritized and centralized in the single platform to get tested with the pool of analysis and learnings, which made the growing as pleasure.
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Thank you so much @kevin for hunting us again! It means huge for our team 😍 I am MJ, the co-founder and CEO of erxes Inc, an open source growth marketing platform. We are back on Product Hunt with erxes Growth Hacking feature. After months of hard work, redesigning and updating features. We are excited to share with you guys the Growth Hacking feature and the cloud free plan. It isn't a trial. Your free access to erxes never expires. 🎉🎉🎉 Our vision is to build an open source, mission, and community-driven single application for the complete #Growth #Marketing lifecycle. 🥳 Click on the link and get your free account or download and deploy totally free! Links Here’s a highlight of our best Growth Hacking features: Unlimited Campaign & Projects: Manage your growth marketing campaign, projects, and experiments in one place and build the entire growth operation Pre-built growth hacking templates: Pick from many pre-built growth hacking templates provided in the system to evaluate your marketing campaign as well as build the one especially for you ICE, RICE, PIE scoring model: Predict the success of your marketing experiments in real time based on the ICE, RICE, PIE scoring model. North Star metric: Take control of your entire growth marketing operation and make sure you are all heading towards the same direction and maximizing the output. Find the balance between Important and Urgent: Determine the best growth hacking experiments which can maximize the performance based on various views. Thanks for checking us out. We can't wait to hear what you think.
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Great design!
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@rubanowlad Thank you so much!!
It looks interesting and well designed, so I signed up. But I didn't quite figure out how / where to start? Maybe you can add some onboarding (tooltips) or a simple follow-along tutorial?
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@simon_kreienbaum Hey Simon, thanks for the compliment! We have finally integrated our erxes Bot which will help you on board.
@mendorshikh Awesome product. Looks great! Quick question. For those who are hosting on the cloud, how are you expecting to monetize? My concern is if we use this to host our growth hacking strategies on this platform, your company would have visibility to it, then monetize based off of that by selling to competitors, selling insight data etc.
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@lorum_ipsum88 Hey Brian, for the cloud monetization, we have Team and Organization plan. We will never use our customer data. Period.