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#2 Product of the DayDecember 26, 2017

Get awesome people to pull off insane stunts and record themselves on video based on challenges from other people. Check out

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This reminds me of the plot for Nerve (not a great movie imho but interesting plot). In the film, kids subjected themselves to the most dangerous stunts for the likes and internet fame. How do you prevent this from happening and avoid people from bullying or killing themselves?
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@rrhoover thanks for commenting! Indeed it's a little bit like Nerve (we actually watched that together with all of our team members) , but we use several things to keep it clean. 1) As of now we've limited functionality of customisable challenges (until a certain rating position you're only able to submit pre-approved ones) 2) For custom challenges we use automatic pre-moderation and manual post-moderation 3) The main feed is curated, so there's no option for bad content to get in there. As a FunTech company our mission is to bring fun to people. We don't think that bullying or killing someone is fun. That's why we don't promote or allow it.
@rrhoover @akimovnv I'm with Ryan on this one, a little concerned that your promotional video is promoting people riding burning skateboards. You have no warning, to prevent children and young teenagers doing real harm to themselves. Sorry to be a bit of a negative nelly here but I can just see a huge lawsuit pending.
@rrhoover @akimovnv I've also just noticed that you even quote Nerve on your iTunes app page "Eristica - Disputes and Challenges, Nerve, Nerve"
@rrhoover @daveclissold true. Unfortunately, every UGC platform with an option to post anything with no restrictions faces that risk. We've been there and saw many kinds of bad and even violent content on Instagram, Facebook and Snapchat... So I agree, we have to put disclaimers on the front page besides from what we already do.
@rrhoover @daveclissold Yeah, just wanted to add that during those 2+ years that are operating in multiple countries we haven't seen a single case of that content. I think it's cool :)
Hey everyone, I’m Nikita, founder of this awesome app. Before we get going to the description I’d like to thank @hazzajay 🙏🏻 for hunting Eristica. He’s amazing! I’m beyond excited to announce Eristica, a P2P platform for video challenges, on Product Hunt!✨ We started up this platform a little more than two years ago and it has exploded to over 1.2M users. The idea is simple: get crazy people to pull off insane stunts and record themselves on video which other people will dare them to do. So if you are bored watching TV every night after work you could: Sign up on his app 1. Post a request for someone to eat a bowl of mold and maggots on video (sorry, that was just a recent one :D) 2. Sit back and enjoy seeing people submit their crazy videos OR 1. Explore challenges posted by others 2. Enjoy life by making new talented friends on Eristica Here is a quick example of the stunts and challenges people typically take on Eristica:
We have so much planned for the platform! For example, right now we are turning to cryptocurrency to pay performers a fee for pulling off even crazier stunts and videos: this will make the whole process transparent, seamless, legal and profitable for contributors. We’re only testing it at the moment, but we’ve never been so excited! We’ve worked on Eristica for a while, always looking forward to sharing it with this awesome community! So we need you guys to help us and let us know how do you feel about the platform and the upcoming features. Your comments and reviews would mean the world to our team and me personally. Thank you and enjoy Eristica!
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As my friend said, f * ck only for fun!


I immediately remembered the videos from the crazy guys "Jackass", FunTech is cool!


Scaling is not an easy thing, I hope you can do it!

Thanks! We're working really hard on building something even bigger :)
Amazing app! I'm using it for almost a year now. Love it!

Seen Eristica growth over last year, and adding some crypto to the challenges sounds like a good way to earn some legitimate profits.


Some challenges are just for real crazies!


Repeated videos in feed.. need more fresh stuff :)

Thanks Ev! 😋 Even Product Hunt is becoming more focused on crypto these days haha 😍