Equity Calculator

Figure out what your equity is worth


Mathilde Collin
@collinmathilde · CEO, Frontapp
Hi Product Hunt! When you get a new job offer, figuring what your compensation package really means can be tricky. We wanted to share a tool we built at Front to help candidates understand how much their equity is worth, would love your feedback :)
Jarratt Isted
@jarrattisted · Cofounder, HelpDocs
Neat tool! Far easier than setting up your own spreadsheet 🙌
Maia Bittner
@maiab · Co-founder
This is awesome - very well done! I think it lends some credibility to early startups if they can point to an external tool, rather than only have their own projections. Of course, it all hinges on "expected outcome/exit" -- but the candidate can play with that and see the effect it has.
@leafar · CEO
Très malin BRAVO.
Roman Kornikow
Very useful. Thank you!