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Hi all, I'm one of the founders of Equipboard. My co-founder and I are lifelong musicians and are scratching our own itch, since it's hard to find what gear/products/equipment your heroes use. We're a Wikipedia for gear, with the interface of Wanelo, and a little Rap Genius sprinkled in (apologies for the analogy overload). Cheers @taylorhou for adding us on here!
I dig the tagline, "Rap Genius for Musicians' Equipment" :) @gchiaren - generally it's good advice to scratch your own itch but how did you know anyone else would care? Any tests or signals in the market you can share?
@rrhoover The Rap Genius analogy definitely works! We started off basically throwing together basic pages showing different influences and what gear they use. We watched our traffic pick up, but the musician crowd in particular was the most engaged, and started asking if they could add more gear!
this is such a genius idea. I like the focus on the specific person (musician / athlete / etc) and then showing the gear from there. Do you plan to involve the musicians / athletes directly to help growth? I know some of them have quite the social media following.
@liveink Thanks so much for the kind words! Yeah, we're actually starting to get musicians claiming their own profile. And we love it when they do! It does help growth, and you're exactly right about their strong social media followings - in fact when they tweet/Instagram/etc about gear, they get so much engagement already - but a tweet is so fleeting. We feel like that's powerful info that needs to live on.