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#3 Product of the DayAugust 20, 2019
Epic Jobs Resumes utilizes Twitter to showcase your professional work, post referrals and let potential employers know more about you through video. Simply copy/paste tweet URLs to get started.
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Absolutely love this. Being able to add work experience via tweet links is a game changer for me. Neat to look back and see how much I've built over the years! https://epicjobs.co/resumes/?id=...
@tyvdh Thanks Tyler! Means a lot. 🙌
Hi again! We're back with a fresh new addition to epicjobs... RESUMES! While we continue to focus on posting job opportunities, we want to provide our job seekers with an opportunity to grab the attention of employers visiting epicjobs to post their available positions. Here are the highlights... 1. Welcome videos — this is essentially your cover letter in video form. By simply tweeting a 1-2 minute video about yourself, you can instantly add your video to your epicjobs resume by copy/pasting the tweet URL. 2. Referrals — has anybody ever said anything nice about you or your work on Twitter? GRAB THAT URL! Just copy/paste tweet urls to add them as your referrals. 3. Projects — have you ever tweeted your work on Twitter? Yup, grab that URL too! We built a custom media player for (1) image galleries, (2) animated gif viewing and (3) video playback. Just copy/paste your tweet URL and your done. 4. Private Messaging — if potential employers like your resume, they can easily message you regarding positions they're looking to fill. Since we're still in BETA, we want to make sure you know we're listening to your feedback and constantly making improvements. Please post suggestions or ideas you'd like to see us implement as this is just the beginning of epicjobs RESUMES! — Team epicjobs
LOVE the addition of video resumes.
@kaigradert Thanks Kai! Appreciate that.
Just added my resume!
@ios_javi Awesome! Thanks for checking us out! 🤘
Love this! Epic jobs is great and has opened up a better way to connect with people. I couldn't image that they could be any more epic, but they are!
@xhardkandyx Shawna!!! You're wonderful.