All-in-One Platform for Video Streaming & Content Businesses

Enveu is the Shopify for Content businesses providing tools & technology to Content creators which help them build, manage & grow their Video/Audio Streaming services across various devices. It offers a No coding App Lifecycle Management SAAS cloud platform.
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Shalabh Agarwal
Founder and CEO@ Enveu
Hi everyone, I'm Shalabh, Founder of Enveu. We're excited to have it here on Product Hunt! With a team which worked in Video Streaming since its nascent stages in 2011-2012, we started Enveu to help Content creators and Content businesses to realise their true potential and empowering them with simple and scalable tools to launch their own Direct to consumer Video or Audio Online Streaming business. Our experience taught us that it is very challenging for Content companies (Entertainment, Education, Fitness, Sports, Kids) to build, launch, manage, grow and monetise their Online Streaming services simply as it needs a lot of technology integrations, complex coding, huge initial investments, and months to reach the market. We solve all this with Enveu, by de-cluttering the solution onto our All-In-One Platform, simply put we are the Shopify for Content Businesses and Creators. With Enveu, you launch in less than 4 weeks, at Zero Initial investment, you pay as you Grow and most importantly we give you all the available tools to Monetise your Content inventory. Our platform is a simple No Code One window platform- Multi Platform Native Apps, Content Management, App Design and UX management, Analytics, Marketing Campaigns, Subscriptions and Ads Management and even a Recommendation engine. Most importantly, its all simply Drag and drop with a learning curve of 1-2 day tops. And after this, we handle technology, feature updates, infrastructure, servers, etc! The vision is that you should only have to focus on your Content and Distribution methods, and we handle the lower level stuff. We'd love to hear your thoughts, and will be here to answer questions! Thanks for your support!!! Regards Shalabh
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Very impressed. Look forward to future projects.
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Akash TyagiProduct Management @MBC Group
Very relevant, we used them for launching our OTT service Watcho at Dish TV. Strong team, dynamic and robust product helped us achieve Faster time to market and quickly adopt our UI/UX to consumer feedback and behaviour. Its a very powerful tool and and amazing team for Content companies, highly recommend.
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Very good product for No code app development
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