Learning from Jobs & Musk's stories is great - but how much of it can you relate to?
I've built two startups. 1: $700,000 revenues. 2: remote community, 20K traffic - many failures and a few successes.
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Hey Hunters, I am super excited to launch my first personal effort on Product Hunt 🎊 πŸŽ‰πŸŽ 🎈 I started my career about 8 years back as an Investment Banker at J.P. Morgan. I worked there for 3 years but that life wasn't for me :/ Ever since, I have been trying my hand at entrepreneurship over the past 4-5 years and feel that I have finally found my calling. I enjoy "going to work" and that continues to bewilder my friends :P As entrepreneurs, we have about 95% failures and 5% successes (at least in my experience). While we hear about the successes, we often don't hear about the things that went wrong. Even if we do, they are about the Musks and Jobs of the world. I yearn for real stories I can learn tangible things from. So, about 3 months back, I decided to give it a try myself by sharing the lessons I've learnt as an entrepreneur. A typical story I share, would include: - A theme around a concept of a startup - My first-hand experience I don't give advice but share my stories - each person can then adapt it to their contexts. Advice is rigid, boring and doesn't lend itself across scenarios - hence, un-useful. To finish my clearly excited monologue, here are a few examples of my past stories/newsletters: 1. Theme: Failure - My first mistake as entrepreneur: Link 1 2. Theme: Personal story - Chasing happiness: Leaving a 100,000-pound job to pursue entrepreneurship: Link 2 3. Theme: Some success - I got 4 new customers and a 10x return by building a side project Link 3 4. Theme: Community building - Step-by-step story of how we built The Remote Clan Link 4 With that, I will be eagerly waiting to answer any questions/comments that you folks have. Vamos!
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@karthik_sridharan Hey Karthik, Like I said in my email yesterday, for some reason I recorded without sound! :/ So here's the new video of me narrating my thoughts about your product. ->
Feedback: Looks like a cool newsletter! Found a little broken link, but all in all, looks pretty good. The topic resonates a lot with me, so I signed up :) Cheers! Jibran
Hey @askjibran, Thanks for taking the time to review my newsletter! I have corrected the broken link :P. Also, noted your point around images - I usually like to drive my story through my narration. But I think the website deserves a few more images. Thank you!
What I like about your newsletter is the fantastic storytelling :) Whether or not I relate to the story, the smooth flow always gets me gripped to the end. It is so great to see someone putting themselves out there and sharing details in all candour. No external benchmarks, drivers, passions and other buzzwords. No preaching, just plain old storytelling.
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Hey @zackerydunkley_dunkley, Thanks for taking time to share your thoughts here. Well, complicated words and populist trends have helped no one. I find it easy sharing my stories the way they happened and love that you have found it enjoyable :)
Hey Karthik, Have been an early subscriber of your newsletter :) I consume a lot of content in the form on articles, books, Linkedin posts etc and what has stood out for me is how you treat your failures. From the articles (& posts), it seems you've had your share of failures but what is appreciable is how accepting you have been (at least it seems so to me) and believe that these are a part of the process. While I have come across other newsletters, I think you've certainly hit a few home runs over the past couple of months. Look forward to more!
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Thanks @ariana_padilla :) Yup, I hope the universe realises that I have had my fair share of failures and helps me now - haha :P I am glad that you liked my articles and thank you for your replies to my stories.
Great stuff, Karthik - congrats on the launch. Your articles make for a wonderful read and also provoke important thoughts. I keep forwarding them to my friends :-) All the best for the future editions.
Thanks for the kind words and also for sharing the articles @saif_portillo!
I absolutely love reading about your entrepreneurship journey. It feels down-to-earth and honest. Strangely enough I am able to relate to many of the experiences you share. I am in the beginning of my career, barely completing my 1st year. However, for example the article about why you decided to pursue entrepreneurship really resonated with me. I did come across a similar situation with regards to happiness as you. I dealt it in a similar fashion. And I am happy now :P.
This comment has made my day, thanks @adeeb_santos :). Never meant the stories to be so impactful. Wish you the very best and hope you like the future articles too :)