Enterprise Sales Guide: Hiring Playbook, by Work-Bench

Playbook to source, onboard & interview top sales candidates

The Enterprise Sales Guide: Hiring Playbook by Work-Bench is a master playbook of best practices to implement, as you source, onboard, and interview the top candidates to join your enterprise sales team.

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Joshua Voydik
Co-founder, Swell
Thanks for putting this together. It's nice to see sales becoming more sought after in tech. To sell is to be human.
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@joshvoydik Thanks Joshua! This is one of the most critical hires to make for an early stage enterprise startup, and one that we see many challenges with.
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Shaun Johnson
Startup Institute cofounder
This is awesome. Finding, evaluating, retaining, and rewarding great sales hires is very important effort for any business. Great to see Work-Bench taking the initiative to demystify and structure some of the process a bit!
@idealexit Thanks Shaun - especially for enterprise sales! This is something we help our founders with at Work-Bench ALL of the time... so we set out to curate that content and make it useful for the entire community.