Ken Duggan
Ken Duggan reviewedEnter TicketsEnter is an event ticket sales platform 🎫

Simple, clean interface


No help, no way to do multi day event. No way to add logo or event description.

I tried to enter a multi day, $0.00 cost event and found it very confusing. There's no help and no leading user to the next field. No end date for event, 24 hour time only, no way to enter end time of event.

Ken Duggan has used this product for one day.
Dave@lookmomnocode · Working on
Hey Ken, thanks for your review. You can add a start date + time and bellow you can add how many hours the event last. So for 2 days it would be 48 hours. At first we had an enddate but after a lot of testing we found that it was easier to fill in how long the event lasted. We don’t offer free events yet but they will come in the next update. I’m not sure what you mean by no help? You can always email if you have questions :)