Set up free website uptime monitoring in seconds

Enso is a web monitoring tool that gives your website a health check, so you could focus on doing the things that matter to you.

Simply enter your website’s URL and leave it to Enso to notify you of any errors or downtimes that come across your website on email, slack, or, SMS.

Enso features advanced configurations options and an desktop app

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Hi Hunters! My name is Tom and with @Menznaricnet, we are co-founders of Enso Monitoring. It started as a personal need, we wanted an easy to setup tool to monitor our products. What makes Enso unique in our opinion are couple things. Firstly, it's the accompanying desktop app, which lets you view your monitors in real time. Next, we have advanced features for power users, which lets you set up fully featured HTTP request checking by using advanced options from configuring authentication, custom headers or even cookies. This means you can configure Enso to serve as cron trigger, so you can easily get notifications when jobs fail, or an API monitor, in addition to the basic web monitoring. This totally new for us, so any questions and feedback will be appreciated :)
Great job !! 😊 will try it out can we monitor Wordpress ones ??
@ayush_chandra You should be able to monitor anything that is accessible through web browser. For a simple monitoring, you shouldn't need anything else than URL.
Very interesting product! Just recommended to the friend, who was searching for monitoring system. Good lack to makers!
@t_gonchar Thanks, Tatyana :)
Really wish the alerts would stop arriving in my inbox after I deleted my account. Or that someone was monitoring the website chat thing. Or that replying to the alert emails (like the alert email itself suggests) worked. ☹️