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#3 Product of the DayJune 03, 2014
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Hey guys! Co-founder of Enquire here. Our app is available today on the App Store (link above). We built a product where you can ask questions in a hood and get candid answers from locals. It is the result of a several month-long exploration of possible interactions with one goal in mind: empowering local communities. With this new version, we considered so many things: what "local" means for the content, why a simple sign-up matters, how to build smart push notifications, etc. At this point, we feel good about the simple and playful interface we've designed, but we’d love your feedback! cc @rrhoover @lennysan @livink @popcorn_ryan @Nivo0o0 @ellenchisa If you are in New York, Paris, or San Francisco, download the app and join your first hood to unleash your curiosity!
@SoleneMa Looks great. Where's London? :P Been following this space for a while now, seems like you're targeting Q&A for neighborhoods, which is a little more focused/niche than some of the anonymous apps like TenTwenty or Secret. However how would you differentiate against apps like Jelly (http://jelly.co) or Quest (http://www.questapp.co)? Is there an option for anonymity in Enquire?
@syedaliahmed Thanks for your comment! We are adding London and all other requested cities very soon, people want to try it in a lot of places but we want the first experience for our users to be memorable, so we will add cities progressively. Super interesting if you have been following the Q&A space, we should definitely chat a bit on Skype soon if you have time. Regarding Jelly we build local communities (hoods) where you will start to see questions and answers from the friends and strangers people, whereas Jelly is based on your extended network. Also answers are separated on Jelly because you are looking for results (social search as they explain it) whereas on Enquire it's more about the conversation and you can see all answers at once and in the future get to interact as much with the person who asked the question than with those who answered it. I also tested Quest featured on PH, I can't wait to see how it evolves cc @hisaming (co-founder)
Great, sure feel free to add me on skype @syedaliahmeds
Congrats on the launch, @SoleneMa! The app has changed quite a bit from earlier this year. I know it's early but what surprising use cases found so far?