Enlight is an open-source collection of detailed tutorials for learning to code through building applications. Enlight 2.0 is a redesigned second iteration with new tutorials in Node.js, Python, Machine Learning, and more. Enlight also now includes a community page, where users can ask for code help and share their projects.

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👋 Hey Product Hunters!
 This is the second iteration of my site, Enlight. A couple years ago, when I first entered high school, I got into the world of web development. At first, when I attempted to learn through online courses or books, I just wasn’t interested. Even more, I didn’t know how to apply what I learnt. Now, as a high school junior, I'm proud to launch a brand new, redesigned Enlight with concentrations in many different languages and technologies. I hope to spread Enlight's learning-by-doing philosophy so that anyone is able to learn what they want to in a fun, interesting, and unique way. 
Enlight currently has 1,500+ email subscribers and is growing every day. In addition, it is open-source, so any one can contribute their own projects and share their knowledge through submitting a pull request on the Github Repo: https://github.com/TryEnlight/tr... Enlight is built on top of Jekyll and hosted on Github Pages. It is coded in HTML, CSS, & JS. The community site is a discourse forum hosted on Digital Ocean. Thank you for taking the time to check out and support Enlight! I really appreciate you being a part of my little project and I hope you gain a lot of knowledge from it! 😊
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@samayshamdasani congrats on the launch, this looks great! 🎉 Just a quick one...the only suggestion I would have is to put some information about what the page does to the front page. Not everybody goes into the About section where it's explained and since there is not much context of what the images and stuff on the front page actually are (before opening one of the items) some visitors might get confused (I was 🙂). Maybe a tagline or something similar is enough. Other than that, really cool project! Keep it up 💪
@curiousigor Thank you for the feedback. I will be adding a tagline under the header soon.
This is incredible!
Hi Congrats on the launch. The product is really helpful. Contextual learning really helps. Congrats
@samayshamdasani This is awesome Samay!