EnkiBot is the ultimate digital mentor! A personalized bot that teaches you tech and work-related skills in just a few minutes every day. It lives in Slack so no need to go outside of your usual workflow to build new skills and keep track of progress.

EnkiBot also uses the latest science in adapting to you with every interaction and over time.

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Andrew J Scott
Evan Moore
Timmy Wahba
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  • Kirill Cee
    Kirill CeeSwiftGift

    What a neat solution for bite-sized learning! No one has time these days - but this fits even into a busy schedule!


    I wish this existed for non-technical disciplines (such as languages)

    Can't wait to try it!

    Kirill Cee has never used this product.
  • Mike Polinske
    Mike PolinskeProgrammer/analyst FIS

    Seems easy to use and add to slack


    None so far

    I like how easy it is to interact with EnkiBot. I'd like to see it possibly added to FaceBook Messenger or iMessage.

    Mike Polinske has used this product for one day.
  • Rush Cosgrove
    Rush CosgroveLearning Architect and Scientist

    Bot is engaging and friendly. With use and iteration this will be one of the most effective tools for learning and improving coding and more


    more languages please

    This is a true innovation in education.

    Rush Cosgrove has used this product for one day.