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mobile only

As if the "mobile first" paradigm wasn't enough, more and more app developers turn to a "mobile only" paradigm. Completely ignoring all the adults and grown ups who prefer to use real computers with a large screen, keyboad and mouse.

In addition to that, my alarm bells immediately go off when a company claims "total security". A very extreme and bold statement, that they will not be able to uphold, as there is no such thing as total security. I am working in the security industry (and have been for 25+ years). Anyone who claims their product is 100% secure is a scam, by definition.

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Maxim Blagov
Maxim Blagov@maxenjin · Enjin CEO / Creative Director
Our roadmap includes a desktop version of the Enjin wallet for PC and Mac. We claim that our wallet is more secure than any other mobile wallet and we do so based on the security auditing we've performed on all major wallets and our security focused features we've implemented. I agree there is no such thing as 100% total security, even hardware wallets cannot make this claim. We will be releasing an independent security audit report after we launch our gaming collectible support for ERC721 and ERC1155 virtual goods. If you look further into the security features we've implemented you can see how we contrast between the other mobile wallets. We've gone as far as building our own Secure Keyboard. The Enjin Wallet has been out for almost 1 year with 250k+ users with zero security issues or reports.