Document your online learning for your professional growth

EnGrip makes it super easy to capture your online learning for your professional growth!

EnGrip aims to build a new resume that talks about the knowledge of people beyond their formal education by empowering self-learners with a shareable and intuitive knowledge profile.

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Hey Hunters! Thank you @riaface for hunting us! I am excited to introduce EnGrip to all of you. Engrip is a one-off platform which aims to empower individuals to reach their full professional potential by enabling users to capture their informal learning experiences. In today’s modern workplace, we are often learning skills outside the classroom. It could be from an online course, blog reading, e-books, webinars, etc. Tons of things we do and read online every day are learning experiences, but unfortunately, all of our efforts to self-learn new skills go unnoticed as there is no platform to convert that learning into a validation of our competencies. We wanted to solve this problem and aim to make self-learners like us more credible in the industry. Through our EnGrip Extension, users can build a shareable knowledge profile, i.e. create a live resume which gets updated in the real-time while spending the time to learn something. Hence, enabling users show their expertise beyond their resumes. The platform provides state of the art features like recording notes while learning online and let users set revision reminders to enable them to make their learning more efficient. We are glad to launch EnGrip on ProductHunt and bring the platform in front of you to get your valuable contribution to make our dream a reality. Pradeep
@riaface @smk_pradeep Exactly what I was thinking about the other day. It's great that using the extension you are able to capture what you learn online. Will give this a spin, makes great sense for me as I'm on the lookout for something new :)
@findabhilash Hey Abhilash, I am glad you liked EnGrip, we want to make online learning more rewarding for self-learners and soon make it even more effortless to track everything we learn online 🙂
Founder sent spam with subject title: "Leonard Bogdonoff, I need your help" Looks like they got data based on scraping Product Hunt for contact information.
Email said: Anil Kumar 12:25 PM (1 hour ago) to me Hey Leonard Bogdonoff, Hope you're doing great! I am Anil, founder of EnGrip; firstly let me clear I have nothing to sell :D So, a few days back I have had a look at "Prehave" on ProductHunt. Hopefully, your presence of ProductHunt has yielded a positive result for your business. Today, I have also launched my startup - EnGrip, on ProductHunt [www.producthunt.com/posts/engrip] To brief, EnGrip makes online learning more rewarding for self-learners. Everyday learning gets converted into an intuitive shareable knowledge profile that shows the real potential of oneself which a 2 page resume or a Linkedin endorsement can't. Think like this: if facebook is your social identity, Linkedin is your professional identity then EnGrip is your knowledge identity. EnGrip aims to create a new future of resumes that talks about the knowledge of the users not just limited to their formal education. I would love if you give it a try for free and join the discussion on our ProductHunt page. Thanks in advance and see you there Leonard Bogdonoff :) Cheers! Anil, CEO, EnGrip EnGrip|Twitter|Linkedin P.S. I'm writing in hope you'll find this information useful. I don't plan on sending you more emails (that is, unless you reply!).
@rememberlenny Hello Leonard, we have reached out to a few makers on Producthunt with matching interests. As we mentioned in the email we don't intend to spam anyone. Anyway thanks for the feedback and apologies for the inconvenience caused to you.
Thanks @smk_pradeep for introducing EnGrip and @riaface for hunting us :) Hunters, we are open for questions, feedbacks and discussions. We have gone through an exciting journey to build EnGrip, trying to create something unique for online learning credibility. Would love to know what you think about our idea and execution :)
Hey @anilkumar, I've replied to your mail and let me know if you'd be interested to get interviewed. Want to encourage post education learning so I find your platform a great way for people to track it. Let me know!
@karvillard Sure Kar! By the way my twitter handle is @meetmranil
I would like to see the "live resumes" of the makers of EnGrip. The resume is the whole reason to use this product, so it's necessary to understand how the resume will appear and work after long-term use of EnGrip. If EnGrip's makers are "eating their own dog food" they should currently have the best and longest resumes, which is why I'd like to see theirs. Besides individual resumes, I'd also like to understand how resumes be shared and searched.
@mattthew Hello Mattthew, thanks for your feedback. Well this is mine: www.engrip.com/anilkumar-ghorakavi. You can also find links to the knowledge profiles of a few users on our landing page under "Praise for EnGrip" section. Let me tell you the story behind why we started EnGrip which is already put up in our www.engrip.com/pub/about page. We believe that a record of users’ learning experiences can be a more informative version of their experience than a resume and publishing users’ learning experiences can help in identifying them as an expert in a particular field to be sought after for an advice, questions or even jobs. The current shape of EnGrip is first step towards building a new future resume that talks about the about the knowledge of the users not just limited to their formal education. Coming to your question on sharing and searching resumes, we are still not there as a product. The process of building a resume that consolidates all the learning experiences is a long journey and today we have crossed the first step. Users can always share their knowledge profile using the public profile link [shown under "Account Settings"] as of now.
@mattthew I can tell you the gaps in the current product though I don't think it is good sharing them here. But we do not have an option to accommodate the knowledge of users before EnGrip. And that is one of the reasons why we are not pushing EnGrip aggressively as a resume builder since it is a long term benefit. Currently we present EnGrip as a tool to capture your online (informal) learning. Would love to hear your thoughts on this.
@mattthew My co-founder's knowledge profile on EnGrip https://www.engrip.com/smk-pradeep
@meetmranil Thanks for the link to your profile. Actually, my impression of the current website text and marketing was that public resume aspect is extolled more than the private learning history. In any case, at least some visitors will be more interested in the resume aspect, so I would expect it to be showcased. Also, my opinion is that you should eliminate the extension-installation wall. In a way, your product reminds me of Pinterest. Their extension also allows users to record their interests from any website, and their product is also much more useful after their extension is installed. However, they don't make installation a wall. Users can get a good sense of Pinterest's utility and what other users are doing with it while on Pinterest.com. When users are convinced of the utility by browsing Pinterest.com, they are convinced to install the extension.
@mattthew That's a great suggestion. But I always wanted to know how pinterest was in it's early days. Now a days it has got a lot of data to show even if I don't have any pins of my own. So this is still a problem we are trying to solve. How to onboard a new user without any learning. We are trying to fetch relevant content from web and showcase as recommended learnings to users instead of empty screens. But I thought at least for early adopters, let us go with a do-it-yourself approach so that they get to know what is there inside. As you know onboarding is always tough without lots of seed data.