English Pile

7К+ of the most popular words in your hand

Do you study English? Do you want to learn the most popular and frequently used words quickly and efficiently? English Pile is what you need!
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English Pile is simple, convenient and free service for learning English words. More than 7 thousand of the most popular words in your hand! Improving vocabulary has never been so easy. 📲 Availability: the application has intuitive interface that similar to Tinder and Badoo concepts - simple English cards. 💪 Scale: 95% of texts cover only 3,000 words vocabulary. English Pile offers you 2.5 times more! It will be easy to surprise your friends with obtained knowledge. 📈 Progress tracking: app gives you simple statistics about how many words you know and how many new ones have been learned. We like tracking and showing your hard working progress. 📵 Lack of advertising: nothing will distract you from gaining knowledge. Your English progress is much more important for us than making profit; 😱 English without Internet: to use English Pile you do not need Internet connection. It gives you the opportunity to get knowledge anywhere and anytime.
Useful + easy interface! Good luck in launching!
Is there a "typing/spelling" function!? Due to autocorrect, I feel like many of us....even native speakers...are forgetting how to spell some words lol. Looks super simple and clean though, good luck on your launch!
@juan_perez2 "typing/spelling" function is nice to implement! Thank you :)
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What do the x and check icons represent? Check if I knew it, or check if I learned it?
@joewardpr X-icon is when you don't know the word, check-icon is when you know it.