Engineer Prints

Human-sized prints, $25.

#3 Product of the DayMay 27, 2014
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We've been testing this for a while, and super excited to launch it this morning. Our prints are B&W-only, and made on industrial machines typically used for blueprints and engineering drawings. They look amazing. And they are HUGE.
I'd love it if you could scrape my Facebook or Instagram photos and make a 3x4 foot collage. What's the minimum resolution photo you'd recommend, @superamit?
Great idea! It's a lo-fi look so 1000px x 1000px is our minimum. Unfortunately, individual Instagram photos still fall a bit short.
That's a sweet deal, nice job @superamit ! Any plans to offer color?
Thanks @DylanLaCom, we're stoked! The low price point with shipping included is super important to us and took a really long time to achieve at this size. We'd love to do it with color some day but it will take some work!