Why we overlook endings for products, services & digital.

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I am delighted the Ends book has made it to Product Hunt. I have spent many years developing products for a loads of companies and clients, big and small. The end of their product experience is always overlooked. This was once a rich culture of reflection and responsibility, but over recent centuries has been lost. Producing a mixture of long term societal oversight, and short term denial. We are left with a bias customer lifecycle that is limited to the exciting vocabulary of new things. In a world awash with start-ups and new tech, the Ends book tells you why its critical we start considering endings. You can get the book on Amazon https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/9163... There is also lots more info about the issue at www.closureexperiences.com Thanks Hunters. Especially Artiom for putting the book on here.
Added to my reading list. I'm continually interested in the effect the things we do/make have on the world.